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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The 4th Dimension

The Tesseract (or HyperCube) is mathematical prediction of what cube might look like in 4D Space. An old story tells us how to keep our money safe from robber that exists only in two dimensions (sheet of paper): simply just put it in square safe. 2D robber won't be able to reach it... but if another 3D cruck wanted the gold, he would simply take the gold out of the sqaure not even touching the safe walls. On the other hand, to keep gold out of reach from 3D robber you would need a cube safebox with walls on all 6 sides...now the gold is secure.. but imagine another robber bursting from 4th dimesnion just to steal our gold! He would be able to take the gold from inside the box safe bypassing all the walls, simply taking the gold from inside. In this situation hypecube safebox would become usefull, if we had one... Hardly imaginable, but here are few explanations how to understand 4D cube mathematics, or simply view or rotate your own Hypercube or other 4d structures.


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